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Retrieved 22 Nov 2011. Accessed January 27, 2014. Animals Birds Penguins Cats Bugs and Insects Dogs . Countries and Nations Flags September 11 . Retrieved 12 Sep 2014. Newest UploadsSooo bad – I know05 mns agoLOL113 mns agoFFS!014 mns agostick em with the pointy end4326 mns agoThicc Meem Prime028 mns agoAntinomy of Common Memes128 mns agoDiaryty Ugoso Undubulexu036 mns agoDissected241 mns agoI don’t even care if these are edits643 mns agoIn the Not Too Distant Future.044 mns ago. This reaction may be directed toward another person or be self-deprecating. (March 2017) (Learn how and when to remove this template message) . TechCrunch. Similar gestures[edit]. Archived from the original on 2012-01-21. Violent and Horror Guns and Shooting War and Army Horror and Scary Fighting . ^ Malik, Shiv (23 Nov 2011). Notable YTMNDs include: Epic Picard Facepalm Maneuvers Facepalm with Price is Right Loser Sound Google Insights Google Insights shows a continued growth trend stemming from about 2005, with no signs of slowing. The gesture can be visually represented by a picture of a person doing the gesture, or it can be shown through a recreation of someone doing the gesture using symbols, such as periods, parentheses, or brackets, to form an outline of a person doing the physical gesture. 6 (2): e14610. According to Oxford University Press lexicographer Susie Dent, this versatility is one of the reasons that the word has been linguistically „successful”.[10] It was added to the Oxford English Dictionary in August 2011.[11]. This section does not cite any sources. Oxford English Dictionary, n.d. Brosnan, Sarah Frances, ed. ,.-.., .,.-.-., .,/.:, ,?, ./.,} ./,:^.} /,:/ .?..:./ ./.(.-,,:./ ./(.,.,.,:./ .{.$;=,.-,.,.–,},.;/.} .((.*.=-.;,,./././ ,,,.,.,..}./ (.=-,,.(;,,- /.,-./ ..*-,.,./., ,,.}.>-…=-, .=-,, .=-,,.,. External links[edit]. .. 2007-2018 Literally Media Ltd. Online use of the gesture is not limited to a visual representations, often just the word, facepalm, is used to show someone’s disapproval or embarrassment. Unsourced material may be challenged and removed. Advanced Search Protips About Rules Chat Random Activity Welcome! Login or signup now! Home Memes Confirmed Submissions Researching Newsworthy Popular Deadpool All Submit an Entry Categories Cultures Events Memes People Sites Subcultures News Images Trending Most Commented Most Favorited Most Liked Least Liked Most Viewed All Templates Upload an Image Videos Trending Most Commented Most Favorited Most Liked Most Viewed All Upload a Video Forums Discussion General Meme Research Serious Debate Q & A Media Video Games Moving Images Books & Comics Music Websites Fun! Creative Forum Games Just For Fun Riff-Raff Memeory Lane Maintenance Report Problems Announcements Suggest Ideas All Blog Interviews In the Media White Papers Episode Notes Behind the Scenes Meme Review All Episodes Tommy Wiseau Crashes James Franco’s Acceptance Speech Wakaliwood’s Who Killed Captain Alex? Is an Internet Hit People and Media Speculate About „Oprah 2020″ „Clorox-chan” Joins The Waifu Battle Look At The Size Of These Absolute Units Also Trending: Hopsin Ugandan Knuckles H&M's „Coolest Monkey in the Jungle” Ad Gwenpool / Gwen Poole YouTube Google Manifesto RCDart Very Stable Genius Fire and Fury Galo Sengen . Popular culture[edit]. Used to displayfrustration or embarrassment at the ineptitude of a person or situation. [View Related Entries] [View Related Sub-entries] Updated Nov 28, 2017 at 07:15AM EST by Y F. Please help improve this section by adding citations to reliable sources 5a02188284

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